Business Continuity


  • Safeguard Your Workforce
  • Continue Business Operations
  • Know Your Downtime Costs
  • Respond Rapidly to Disruption
Crisis Management
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Business Continuity Consulting Services

Erwood Group's Business Continuity Consulting Services will prepare your business for  unexpected events and disasters. 

More than just a plan, we create an entire program around your People, Property, Processes, Technology, Vendors, and more to ensure you can run your business after and ideally during a disaster or disruption to your business. 

Develop and maintain a reliable and effective Business Continuity Plan and Program with the Erwood Group as your Partner.

With our Learn, Practice, Implement, Challenge™ system and methodology you'll quickly learn to respond to business disruptions and continuously improve your plans. 

Learn to recognize risks, emerging threats, and the signs of disruptions early so that you can take appropriate actions to respond to disruptive events.

By acting quickly you'll learn to Prepare, Prevent, Protect, Profit™ during these events. 


We'll help you develop effective and workable strategies to incorporate into your plans to ensure the safety & staffing levels of your workforce is adequate to continue operations.  


Whether it's your physical buildings or critical assets such as key equipment needed to operate your business we have strategies to assist your operations during a disruption. 


Your Critical Core processes and key tasks are important for delivering goods and services to your clients. We'll ensure that these processes continue during disruptions.


Technology, including data, systems, and networks are vitial in supporting your business processes and functions. 


Manage vendor relationships and ensure they can support you after they have a service disruption impacting their business. 


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