Case Studies

We have helped our clients reduce costs, reduce recovery time objectives (RTOs), increase insurance coverage with zero increase in premiums, recover funds from insurance, and develop robust backup strategies that work. View some of our case studies, and testimonials from past clients and colleagues. Then see what we can do for you. 

Offsite Backup

Case Study Offsite Backup

A large national retailer with Revenues of over $1 Billion per year had zero offsite backups to their critical payment processing system. 

We implemented a one-off solution at one of their distribution centers in another region saving them $2.7 Million per/day in potential losses. 




Insurance Guidance

Case Study Insurance Guidance

A small business had a truck with equipment valued at $30,000 stolen and the insurance said they weren’t covered. 

We reviewed the policy with the owner and discovered that the insurer had improperly dropped and reduced coverage at renewal.

The client was able to fully recover $30,000.00 from the insurer and was made whole, and received no charge from us. 

Reduced RTOs

Case Study Reduced RTOs

A Large National Lab set a Recovery Time Objective for 45 days. Shortly after, a fire at another lab broke out that impacted their revenue due to long recovery times. 45 days presented a potential loss of over $149 Million to the Lab.

Working in partnership with the lab’s Directorate and Business Divisions we helped to reduce the RTOs to three days saving the lab over $139 Million representing a 93% reduction in potential losses.

Life Science Business Stuck

Case Study Business Stuck

After over 5+ Years of being Stuck in the BIA Phase with little progress and waning executive support a large global genomics business needed help getting back on track and unstuck.

In less than one year all BIAs and Plans were complete and we started exercising using our Learn, Practice, Implement, Challenge™ method.

They also successfully obtained a $500M increase in catastrophe insurance coverage from their existing provider based on the work we did. 



Case Study Emergency Plan

We assisted SHARP HealthCare by improving their Emergency Response & Business Continuity Plans Across their Organization which included their HealthCare Plan and Numerous Hospitals and Clinics across the San Diego Region.     

We also provided guidance and tools for Risk Assessments, BIAs, along with recommendations for plan improvement in existing areas. 

Case Study
For Support

A globally recognized clothing brand and retailer was implementing a new Point of Sale (POS) system to comply with new PCI–DSS standards. Most team members were not up to speed on supporting the new POS and they were entering the peak holiday season when glitches and downtime meant stores could not operate and would result in lost sales and revenue.

We provided immediate support and management of resources and achieved 100% uptime to all stores in the US, and aided several stores in the EU even though this was beyond the scope. The retailer achieved a record increase in sales revenue for Q4