Dark Web Scan

Do You Know What's On The Dark Web?

Have you ever wondered what information is on the Dark Web about your business? Do they have login credentials for your website? Your Social Media passwords? Your banking or credit card account details? Have you noticed an increased number of phishing or vishing attempts against employees or key executives? Have you been getting fake invoices? Have you had your Information compromised? Is your business's Intellectual Property safe or stolen?

It's Time You Knew

It's time to turn the tables on the hackers, criminals, and dark side of the internet. Let us conduct a FREE Dark Web Scan.

  • So that you can know for certain what is on the dark web
  • So that you can take action to protect your business
  • So that you can enhance your current cybersecurity

We at the Erwood Group take Cybersecurity Seriously

We will never sell or share your email or confidential information 

Free Dark Web Scan
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To get started and get a FREE Dark Web Scan for your business just complete the form above on the top right. You do not need to register, create an account, or provide payment or credit card details. The one-time initial scan is completely free and without obligation. We will need some details such as the domain name, email address, and some other business details required to complete the scan. 

Filling out the form acts as your consent to complete the Free Dark Web Scan. Once the scan is complete we will contact you to review and send your Dark Web Scan Report. Only one Free scan will be made per client or prospective Client.