Watering Hole


Watering hole attacks involve attackers compromising one or more legitimate Web sites with malware in an attempt to target and infect visitors to those sites.

 Source: NIST NIST SP 1800-21B from ICS-CERT Monitor

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
watering hole (noun)
- water hole
a place where people gather socially , especially - watering place
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
watering hole (noun)
a place of business where alcoholic beverages are sold to be consumed on the premises
bar, café ( cafe), cantina, dramshop, gin mill, grogshop, pub, public house, saloon, taproom, tavern, watering hole, watering place
alehouse, barrelhouse, bistro, bottle club, brewpub, cabaret, dive, joint, nightclub, roadhouse, speakeasy, sports bar, wineshop; package store
A watering hole is a place where animals gather to drink water, typically in a natural setting such as a lake, river, or pond. It is also used to refer to a bar or pub, where people gather to socialize and drink alcohol.