Latest Happenings at ERWOOD GROUP

At THE ERWOOD GROUP, we always have something new in the works. From new programs designed to boost your business’ PREPAREDNESS, to resources to help you INCREASE your RESILIENCE. WE DO THE HEAVY LIFTING SO you CAN focus on what you do best. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to most recently:

Endurance by Erwood Group
Endurance by Erwood Group

Introducing ENDURANCE™ By Erwood Group

We’re proud to announce our new App available in the Apple Store ENDURANCE™ by Erwood Group to help business leaders, owners, managers and executives take action on their business preparedness. 


Forever Free Initiative™
Forever Free Initiative™

Introducing Our Forever Free Initiative™

We’re proud to announce our new Forever Free Initiative™ to help make disaster planning for business accessible to everyone, especially SMBs. 

Our Forever Free Initiative™ will begin with our new Forever Free Basic Downtime Calculator Tool and Free Basic Risk Assessment Tool. The Tools are web-based SaaS tools accessible through our website and are part of our Impact Toolkit™


Introducing the view 360 report

We’re proud to announce our new Business Intelligence Newsletter the View 360 Report. 

The View 360 report is a paid subscriber-only business intelligence report focusnig on current emerging threats, threat awareness, and risk awareness. We bring you insights into threats you may not see coming and unlike other reports on the market – we provide you with actionable mitigation methods to reduce the impacts to your business.


Supply Chain Disruptions Forcing San Diego Businesses to Make Tough Decisions this Holiday Season. 

Local Crisis Management Expert Believes Distributions Challenges Are an Opportunity, Not a Crisis.

SAN DIEGO—The global supply chain crisis, which includes thousands of unloaded containers with merchandise lingering on ships in major US ports, coupled with skyrocketing gasoline prices, a worker shortage, and a huge increase in consumer demand, is forcing local companies to make some tough decisions heading into the competitive holiday season.   



Crisis Presentation

‘Smart Financial Analysis’ for Business’ Coming This Fall

We’re proud to announce a new program we’re making available this fall, Smart Financial Analysis for Business. This program is being administered by our own Cristina Erwood, who has extensive experience in finance and is our CFO.  This program will cover analyzing financial impacts, forecasting needs, applying market intelligence in financial decisions, and a variety of other topics related to business financial needs.


Great Job

New Services Coming Soon

When a business already offers great consultancy services, where can it go from there? At the Erwood Group, we’re proud to announce several new services we’ll have available for our clients starting this fall. Several service expansions are also underway, providing accounting, marketing, business writing, and mentoring services for busy entrepreneurs.


We’re Proud to Introduce the erwood group.

We’re proud to introduce and announce the formation of the Erwood Group. The Erwood Group is an LLC determined to bring you world-class crisis management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and other related services to increase business resilience in the United States and around the globe.