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Be Ready for Any Crisis That Might Hit Your Company

Most businesses will experience some or even several crises during their existence. Depending on the type of crisis or event it could quickly lead to a negative perception of your organization. Additionally, hostile public discourse on the internet through social media or forums can also occur depending on the severity of the event. You must be aware of potential risks beforehand and have an adequate response plan in place to respond to the crisis

At Erwood Group, our goal is to protect your business from anything that might impact your business. Including unforeseen events. Our crisis management consultants work closely with your business owners, executives, managers and key personnel to create a crisis management plan and team that’s well-prepared, trained and ready to go.

We also assist companies that are in the midst of a crisis.

Unlike most other agencies and consulting groups, even the ‘Big Ones’ we develop a true partnership with our clients and customers. During any disaster or disruption, we’ll stand with you, side by side, offer guidance, offer assistance, and even run your teams if necessary.

We’ll never turn away one of our clients that calls us for help or tell them to “Just Follow the Plan” as many other consultants and agencies do.

Did you know that even most internal contingency consultants take a 100% complete “hands-off” approach during actual events and invocations? We believe this is wrong and does a disservice to the entire industry.

This is due to most of these agencies and consultants lacking the expertise and experience of real crises, emergencies and disruptions.

Our consultants are here for you, no matter what you’re facing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our crisis management consulting services. 

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We Offer a Wide Range of Crisis Management Consulting Services

At Erwood Group, our team has experienced various disasters and events that have disrupted businesses. That’s given us first-hand experience on how to properly prepare for and navigate any circumstance. We use that information to protect our businesses, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

While sometimes certain scenarios can’t be avoided, you can be proactive about being ready for when they do occur. 

Crisis Management Team Creation

Our crisis management consultants will work with you to manage issues that might have the potential to impact your business. We anticipate and prepare for various problems, helping you adapt and respond once a crisis has occurred. We’ll also show you how to navigate risks that arise during a crisis and take advantage of various opportunities. 

Our consultants offer training and guidance to your current team. If you need a crisis management team, we’ll assist you with finding high-quality talent and training as well as utilize your current staff to build a crisis management team. 

Active Response

Some of our clients rely on us in the midst of a crisis. The goals of our active response team include:

  • Sustain credibility and trust
  • Mitigate risk
  • Protect relationships and reputations
  • Keeping your business viable and running

Our team will work fast to ensure the crisis has as little impact on your business as possible. 

We can work with your existing Crisis Management Team and act as advisors by providing guidance when needed. We can come in and Run your Crisis Management Team or Response. We can take on support roles helping you find new vendors, logistics, etc. 

How Our Process Works

At the Erwood Group, we utilize our simple four-step system to take you from zero to hero rapidly. If you have zero crisis management team or plans in place well go to work rapidly to set up your crisis response team and put a framework in place so you can respond to crises in real time. 

We’ll also rapidly develop your crisis management plans and provide continuous ongoing training using our Learn, Practice, Implement, Challenge™ (LPIC™) methodology to provide continuous training and improvement to your crisis management team.

Step One: Get in Touch

Call our office at 877-565-8324 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.

Step Two: We Learn About Your Business

Our consultants take the time to evaluate your organization. We’ll look for areas of concern and help you set up your crisis management team and develop crisis management response plans. 

Step Three: Learn, Practice, Implement, Challenge

We’ll help train and build awareness of your crisis management team through discussions, tabletops, exercises, scenarios, and other methods. Taking your team from learning and awareness to practicing their crisis management skills, to implementation and challenging your crisis management team to build new skills and build confidence. 

Step Four: Feel Confident

You’ll feel prepared for any scenario your business might encounter when you work with our crisis management consultants. 

When Crisis Occurs

When the crisis happens we’ll be by your side helping you not just through the crisis, but assisting or even leading the management of the crisis itself. 

Unlike others that will tell you to “Just Follow the Plan” as many other consultants and agencies do. We will stand with you until you no longer need us or the crisis ends.

We’re not just fair-weather partners in business. We’re partners when you need us most to provide a hand and help as you need. 

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Why Work with Our Crisis Management Consultants

At Erwood Group, we understand the impact a crisis can have on a company. We aim to keep your business up and running during and after a crisis. We tailor our consulting services to fit your needs and protect your company from the inside out. 

We’ll help you to build a crisis management team from scratch, and we can assist with training your existing crisis management team. Additionally, the consultants at Erwood Group can assist you during a crisis.

Our team of consultants can help you recognize the events leading up to a crisis so that you can respond faster. 

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The consulting experts at Erwood Group look forward to assisting your business with preparing for the future. Get in touch with us to request a consultation with our crisis management experts.