We’re proud to announce a new program we’re making available this fall, Smart Financial Analysis for Business. This program is being administered by our own Cristina Erwood, who has extensive experience in finance and is our CFO.  This program will cover analyzing financial impacts, forecasting needs, applying market intelligence in financial decisions, and a variety of other topics related to business financial needs.

Our Smart Financial Analysis for Business will a number of new business services that can be combined or utilized as separate programs to assist you in building your business. It all starts with our Deep Financial Impact Analysis where we will look at the overall financial health of your business, how different types of risks will impact your business, and how deeply. 

Utilizing this information we can forecast your cash flow during normal business times, during a crisis, and monitor the need to make financial changes quickly to prevent any loss in profitability.

Next, we analyze breakeven points and provide recommendations to improve cash flow, profit margins, and any current and future borrowing needs. 

Finally, we will make recommendations on improving or creating the capability to adjust pricing models to sustain the business during economic downturns and times of crisis to get you through to the other side. 

In addition to these services, we can assist or provide accounting and bookkeeping services, financial audits, find missing tax deductions and other financial advice to increase your profitability. We will also look for ways to reduce and cut spending, to get your finances under control quickly. 

Designed to improve the overall financial health of your business, our financial experts and consultants are the best. They are guided by our very own CFO, Cristina Erwood. With over 15 years of experience in enterprise-level environments, along with audit and compliance experience, the Erwood Group can assist you in gaining control over your business finances and increase profitability. 


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