NEW SERVICES COMING SOON – When a business already offers great consultancy services, where can it go from there? At the Erwood Group, we’re proud to announce several new services we’ll have available for our clients starting this fall. Several service expansions are also underway, providing financial impact analysis, financial forecasting, accounting services, marketing, business writing, and mentoring services for busy business owners that want to take their organizations to the next level. 

As part of our beyond resilience (use hashtag #beyondresilince) services, we aim to help small and mid-sized businesses take their business to the next level by providing them with the ability to scale their services, offerings, and back-office capabilities. 

We at the Erwood Group believe the timing of offering these services will assist many organizations at a time when it is most needed. As we recover from the economic shutdown and start to reopen the business services to elevate small companies will be much in need and we are in a prime position to assist those organizations. 

Stay tuned as we plan on offering these services to help businesses this fall. 

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