We are Excited to Announce and introduce our new and Free Basic Risk Assessment Tool. The best part is it will be part of our Forever Free Initiative™ to help businesses better prepare for disruptions and disasters.

Risk Assessment Tool Screen Shot
Risk Assessment Tool Screen Shot

We at the Erwood Group believe that the Free Basic Risk Assessment Tool will be a game changer for the small and mid-sized business market for removing the obstacles required to complete a risk assessment quickly and efficiently.

This is important because one of the most basic reasons for business continuity or contingency plans to fail is the lack of a risk assessment or understanding of how those risks will impact the business.

Our proprietary tool is easy to use and will quickly calculate an Overall Threat Rating based on the Probability of Occurrence and the Impact Severity on key core operations of the business.

The Basic Risk Assessment Tool will be a part of our Forever Free Initiative™ to provide all businesses with better preparation for disruptions and disasters.

Now a business can quickly and easily assess how a hazard or scenario will impact their business and determine what risks will have the greatest impact on their business. You can access the Basic Risk Assessment by clicking the link here:

Free Basic Risk Assessment by the Erwood Group.

For complete step-by-step instructions on using the Basic Risk Assessment Tool Please see this link:

Guide to Using the Basic Risk Assessment

We are also excited to tell you we will be releasing our entire Impact Tool in Early 2023 which will include the following modules:

  • Advanced Downtime Calculator & Financial Impact Analysis
  • Advanced Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis

Be sure to check out the Free Basic Risk Assessment Tool and share it with your friends and colleagues to help us spread the word about this great tool. 

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