Service Provider  Definition(s):  An organization supplying services to one or more internal customers or external customers.  Source: ITIL

Watering Hole  Definition(s): Watering hole attacks involve attackers compromising one or more legitimate Web sites with malware in an attempt to target and infect visitors to those sites.  Source: NIST

Weakness  Definition(s): Defect or characteristic that may lead to undesirable behavior.  Source: NIST NIST SP 800-160v1r1 from ISO/SAE 21434:2021 (As used in this volume) Poor coding practices, as exemplified by CWEs  Source:

Patch  Definition(s): A software component that, when installed, directly modifies files or device settings related to a different software component without changing the version number or release details for the

Hotfix  Definition(s): A Windows product update (for example, a critical update, a security patch, or a hotfix) is an executable (.exe) file that contains one or more system files that

Business Operations  Definition(s): The day-to-day execution, monitoring and management of business processes.  Source: ITIL

Best Practice  Definition(s): Proven activities or processes that have been successfully used by multiple organizations.  Source: ITIL