Trusted Advisor Program


Trusted Advisor Program

Welcome to the Trusted Advisor Program by the Erwood Group, a premier service crafted to deliver expert guidance and strategic insights tailored for executives and business leaders. Our program is dedicated to enhancing your capabilities in business continuity, IT disaster recovery, contingency planning, and strategic decision-making.


Trusted Advisor Program Provides Expertise at Your Fingertips:

Whether you’re looking to develop new policies, revamp planning templates, or refine recovery strategies, our Trusted Advisors are here to guide you through every step. If your organization is facing challenges with executive buy-in, alignment between business and IT, or standardizing plans across multiple departments, our program provides the solutions you need. 


Common Challenges Addressed with the Trusted Advisor Program:

  • Stagnation in progress or improvement in existing plans 
  • Difficulty in achieving executive buy-in or handling drop-offs in executive buy-in
  • Assessing and addressing gaps in strategies, Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), downtime costs, and insurance alignment 
  • Providing insights on emerging risks
  • Conducting objective cost-benefit analyses to realize ROI on your programs 
  • Addressing IT Disaster Recovery Alignment and issues internally and with third-party vendors


Client Success Stories:

National Lab Breakthrough: Reduced RTOs from 45 days to 3 days, mitigating potential losses by $139 million. 

Retail Innovation: Developed and implemented an off-site backup for critical payment processing systems for a national retailer, safeguarding against lost transactions and preventing annual revenue losses of $1 billion. 

Life Sciences Achievement: Assisted a major global life science company, previously stuck in continuity planning for over 5 years, to complete all Business Impact Analyses (BIAs), plans, and testing within 6 months, securing an additional $500 million in insurance coverage with no premium increase. 


Trusted Advisor Program Details:

Our Trusted Advisor Program is highly exclusive, offering limited spots each year to ensure personalized and focused consulting. New clients begin with a 6-month trial period to experience firsthand the transformative impact of our advisory services before transitioning to longer-term engagements. 

Trusted Advisor Program Term Lengths:

All new clients will start with a six-month term length. After which client can choose from 6th month increments, 1 year increments, 3 year increments or 5 year increments. 

Flexible Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel at any time. 

Take Action Apply Today:

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your organization’s preparedness and strategic resilience. Slots are limited and fill quickly. Schedule a consultation today to discover how our Trusted Advisor Program can make a definitive difference in your business preparedness strategy, business continuity operational endurance and overall resilience. 



Experience the Erwood Group difference: where preparation meets opportunity, leading to unparalleled business resilience. 

We don’t believe you should conform to our methodology, our methodology should be wrapped around your needs coupled with our unparalleled flexibility to meet those needs.