Introducing the App Endurance™ by the Erwood Group.

We launched Endurance™ by the Erwood Group for a number of reasons not the least of which is to expand our services and communications with our current and potential clients, but to also provide a space for knowledge sharing among professionals. Beginners and experts alike, but with a focus on business owners, managers and executives around all business preparedness-related topics.

These topics will mainly be business continuity, crisis management, Information Technology (IT) Disaster Recovery and cybersecurity. Along with a mix of other areas and experts in their respective fields with an emphasis on business preparedness. These will also include webinars, contests and live-streaming events.

For instance, we’ll hold some events around the psychological and emotional impacts on crisis managers and emergency managers. How to shift your business focus and sales during crises and or downturns, to name just two.

Events like these will be held in the coming months as we work out the “bugs” within the application and after we launch the Android version of the application. Likely to happen in September.

As of right now, there are two ways to get the Endurance™ by Erwood Group app. You can go to the Apple Store and search Endurance™ by the Erwood Group (it currently doesn’t show up yet just searching for Endurance™). Or you can click the link here: Endurance™ by the Erwood Group.

You can also access the app on PC or Mac (or any device) by going to the following URL in any browser:

There you can sign up and log in where you will automatically have access to all free content. The app itself is also free.

Some content will require paid subscriptions and or additional purchases/upgrades. Such as premium courses and our newsletters.

Everyone has access to the main Free Community to chat and learn and most in-app live streams will be free and occur in the main community.

The app will also serve as an additional backup communication for us and our clients to communicate any issues, notifications or declarations. As well as an additional tertiary method of documentation and plan sharing in an emergency with our clients.

Another reason for doing the app is it makes it easier for us at Erwood Group to share all of our newsletters and other content directly within the Endurance™ by Erwood Group app. By doing this we created an archive where all of the archives are available to subscribers right at your fingertips on your mobile device without having to access or bog down the main Erwood Group website.

More to come so stay tuned and…

To learn more and have access you’ll have to download the app.

See you inside.

Endurance by Erwood Group
Endurance by Erwood Group

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